A doorway to another world  This archway reminds me of my life right now. I feel that I am walking through a new doorway. Starting on a new path. There have been many changes in my life of late. It is a time of transition for me. Having to accept that I will never work as a nurse again, has brought me much pain. The feeling of little use to anyone around me has left me with a longing to try something new, something to bring joy back into my life.


bahs-history-oldtownhall_218_240 I have been volunteering at the Brighton Area Historical Society and learning about what life in Brighton was at the turn of the 1800’s when Brighton was still called Ore Creek. Such a fascinating journey that was made to create a village and then a city. I am working on a child’s book that includes some of the histories of the village. Still settling on a time frame. Have the beginning and ending worked out in my head, just trying to fill in the middle. Don’t know how long it will take for me to write it, but at least, it is in the works…

Heart from hands. I’ve also been volunteering at LACASA answering phones and doing events as they have needed me. The events are an important part of community service and outreach. St. George Lutheran Church in Howell hosted a Community Baby Shower. That was fun and so helpful to the women in this community that needed resources, that they may have not otherwise received. There have also been fund-raisers and awareness-raisers held in the community to help LACASA obtain funding to provide shelter and much-needed services to Men, Women, and Children who have survived Domestic Violence and Rape. Presently, I am in training to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children in Livingston County. The training has been quite intense this month leaving little room for anything else. I am excited and fortunate to be healthy enough to perform this service.

green thumb I believe that if I can make a difference in the life of one child through the CASA program, then I will have fulfilled a mission that I have been called to do. I was kept here for a reason. I believe that I have found my callings and can become a productive member of this society again. At least, that is my hope.