My Gosh! It has been years

It has been years since I have written here. I have been very politically active leading rallies, writing my legislators, writing letters to the editor, writing on social media to try to counter the Big Lie and disinformation and misinformation, and going to rallies. In other words, I’ve been busy

Add to that my youngest son and his wife had a baby in March of 2021. My husband and I have been watching her 9 hours a day, three days a week since shortly after she was born. She is now almost 20 months old. It has been quite the experience! It has been trying since we are both in our 60s and we don’t have the strength and stamina that we did at my child’s age, who will be 41 next month. But it has also been a blast! Watching her learn to crawl, walk, run (and boy she can run), learn colors, and learn to count. What a wild ride! She is growing, and learning so quickly. We are simply amazed, and in awe. We missed a lot of these things with our own children because we were both working full-time.

It is almost like being a parent full-time. I quit my job, quit my volunteer activities to take care of her. I am not complaining. It was truly laid on my heart, in a spiritual way, to do this. And as tired as it makes me, I am loving it. We are so one on one with her, giving her our undivided attention. She is very secure and knows that grandpa and nana love her deeply. She is the light of our lives. We helped raise Michael, my second grandchild, especially after my oldest son took his life. Michael is busy now and is grown (21!) and has his own life. And we were much younger then.

For me, it is so different now than then. Not that we didn’t love him with all our hearts. It’s just that she is a girl. I wanted a healthy baby but in all honesty, I prayed for a girl. I wanted a granddaughter to teach her needlepoint, sewing and maybe crocheting (if my hands and fingers still work) when she is older. I want to instill in her good values, spirituality (not necessarily mine), morality, and other valuable lessons about life, the future, and on and on. I want her to know that her life matters, and that just because she is a female that should not be an issue. Even though we do not have the ERA that she should not be subjected to gender discrimination, sexual harassment, a glass ceiling, etc. I want her to be built up, educated, not torn down and ignorant.

Anyway, that is where I have been.