I wish that I could get things off of my mind. My first thoughts upon waking, go to the politicized SCOTUS and the matters that are coming before it. Like the Indian Child Welfare Act and the possibility of that legislation being found unconstitutional and Native children being once again removed from their families, their tribes, their language, their culture, and so much more to be placed with White families again where they will lose all sense of who they are. That would be wrong on so many levels. White people took Native children away from their families from the time that we arrived on these shores. We wanted to whiten these children. It wasn’t until 1978 that the ICWA was passed giving Native people the rights that they should have had all along. I know I am repeating stuff from my last post. But it means that much to me.

I had a letter published in the Detroit Free Press concerning the Moore v. Harper matter. It was the second one that I wrote. I just fear SCOTUS giving state legislative bodies rights that were not conferred upon them by our founding fathers. Our founding fathers did not trust state legislatures, nor do I. We all see how they gerrymander maps to split Black/POC voters up so that they don’t have a voice or pack them into one area so they have a limited voice. Or they crack and pack the other party for the same reason. It doesn’t matter who controls the legislature, both parties are guilty, though I dare say when it comes to suppressing the vote of POC, republicans are worse.

Now my mind is on the potential rail road workers strike. The matter is before Congress. I have written my letter to my representatives in Washington, DC and I will probably make calls before I go to bed. The workers are asking for a pay increase, sick leave, scheduled days off, and better working conditions. The Rail Road Barons are getting rich off of the backs of labor and treating them unfairly. Why? Because they can. And they are counting on Congress to force the workers back to work or face being fired if they strike. They hope that Congress will pull a Reagan like when he fired the Air Traffic Contollers when they striked.

Maybe I need to sell my computer and shut out the world. I don’t listen to the news. I don’t watch T.V. news. I don’t read the paper. But I am involved with activism groups and I am an activist. I’m not one to stick my head in the sand, never have been. My granny was a union steward and so was I. Then I became an activist. I guess that is what happens when you care about people and want to see their lives made better or at least not be made worse by others. Like SCOTUS or big corporations. Okay, off my soap box. For now anyway.